* No Beabulls available at this time. Expecting a litter to be ready in January 2020. *Great Christmas gift *

See pictures & prices to the right. We use parents that have AKC champion lines from their background. The puppies have beautiful markings and strong bulldog characteristics. 

                       Miss Lilly 

                Peppermint Patti 

Baby Peppermint & Peppermint Patti 

      Miss Lilly`s girls-not available 

AKC champion lines, Peanut, Daddy.


No Shipping or meeting to deliver puppies .


 Beabulls - A designer cross between a purebred English or Olde English Bulldog & Beagle. They can be 1/2 bulldog, 3/4 bulldog or 7/8 bulldog the beagle is the remaining %. They are very loving, playful & devoted to their families & extremely affectionate towards children & tolerant of annoying, curious youngsters. The food drive is strong so a healthy, controlled diet is a must. Shedding is at a medium rate while keeping them on a grain free, no filler diet, the average weight is 45-65 lbs. and they are very trainable. Beabulls may like to hunt but mostly want to be in their masters company lazing around like bulldogs. Generally a healthy breed and do not suffer from hereditary ailments. We do First Generation Breeding, we breed the Beabull (1/2 bulldog & 1/2 beagle) to an English Bulldog or Olde English  Bulldog making 3/4 bulldogs. Very family oriented breed living 12 plus years. Our babies are very much bulldog in characteristics, colors and personality. REFERENCES ARE AVAILABLE. 

Peppermint Patti & Rubble litter is Sold.

SOLD - $900 female

SOLD - $500 female - funny zoomie girl, sits, rings a bell  at the door, leads, gentle with cats, cuddly & kissy.


SOLD $700


SOLD - $700 female 

SOLD - $900 male fawn alot of Bulldog in this little guy.

SOLD - $900 female  

SOLD $1,000 female very Bulldog 

SOLD - $800 female 


SOLD: $1,000 female


SOLD - $1,000 female brindle, a lot of Bulldog in this little girl.


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