Well-Watered Puppies 

About Us: We are a personal & caring Beabull & Shiba Inu hobby breeders in Ohio, a family that has puppies a few times a year. We do not support or encourage puppy mills in any way nor do we mass produce puppies. It is our belief that our customers and 

puppies needs are of the utmost importance. We work with people on the basis of honesty & integrity. We are committed to meeting your needs and assisting you in the selection of a puppy that best suits your desires and needs.

We love people and animals and want to bring them together! Our fun, loving, Beabulls & Shiba Inu's are bred for a loving personality, even temperament and brilliant colors. We love every puppy as though we are going to keep them all and we are committed to helping you during & after the adoption to be sure you get a good, confident start. Sometimes we take puppies to those that need a Therapeutic touch and they have an opportunity to receive puppy love. Puppies have potty training inside and out using a bell at the door.

About Lee: I am a country girl that loves dogs/puppies and enjoys helping others find their canine companion. With many years of working with animals on the farm I understand the influence and impact a dog has on an individuals and families life. Previously, I was a Physical Education Teacher but found my real passion was working with and raising dogs. My family and I love to meet with people in person developing a trusting relationship ensuring a joyful adoption journey. I have seen the devastation of puppy mills and ill responsible breeders and I do not in any way support it. I believe, a righteous man cares for the needs of his animal. I will give it my all so you can have your all with your puppy.